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The food safety program’s primary responsibility is to protect the community against food borne illnesses resulting from health code violations and improper handling of food. It is responsible for inspections of food service operations, food vending machines, food establishments, schools, day-care centers and hospitals on a regular basis. This program also inspects food operations at fairs, festivals, and other temporary events in Belmont County.Food Safety


  • Provide licenses
  • Inspect food establishments/operations
  • Approve plans for new food-related facilities
  • Investigates food borne illnesses and reports contaminated food
  • In-services presentations
  • Investigates reports of food related violations
  • Inspects vending machines
  • Inspects food operations at temporary events


2018 Program Fees

Temporary Food Service Checklist

Clean-up Guidance for Vomit/Fecal Accidents in Food Service Operations

Mobile Food Units

Plan Review Info