The Belmont County health Department is responsible for the regulation of private water systems within Belmont County as specified in Chapter 3701-28 of the Ohio Administrative Code. Private water systems are potable water wells, ponds, springs, cisterns and hauled water storage tanks that provide drinking water to fewer than 25 people, less than 60 days out of the year, and have less than 15 service connections. These would include single water supplies that serve homes, small businesses, small churches, small mobile home parks or communities with fewer than 25 residents.water well

A permit MUST be obtained through the Belmont County Health Department before constructing, altering, or sealing a private water system. Refer to the Homeowner’s Guide to Constructing Private Water System for the steps necessary to obtain a permit.

Private water system contractors are required to be registered through the Ohio Department of Health to construct, alter and seal water systems throughout Ohio.

Private Water Systems: Ohio Department of Health

Steps for Constructing a Private Water System (PWS)

Water Samples

The Belmont County Health Department also collects water samples for new and existing private water systems. Water is analyzed for the presence of total coliform bacteria and e-coli bacteria. Additionally, for newly constructed private water systems, a prescreening test for nitrates/nitrites is done at the time of collection.

To set up an appointment for water sample collection please call your local health department.


Click Here for the Revised Private Water System Program Fees

  • New well permits (single family dwelling)
  • New well permits (non-single family dwelling)
  • Cistern/Spring/Hauled water storage tank permit
  • Construction of a pond for single family dwelling permit
  • Alteration of a water well permit (single family)
  • Alteration of a water well permit (non-single family)
  • Conversion of well for non-single family dwelling
  • Sealing permit (single family)
  • Sealing permit (non-single family)
  • Variance
  • Water sample
  • Inspection of water hauler registration and vehicle inspection
  • Inspection of private water systems contractor
  • Penalty for supplying/hauling water from an unapproved source

How to Disinfect a Water Well

Dye Testing Wells