The Ohio Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) provides students with an informative, dynamic, interactive approach to prevent unplanned pregnancy and STD/HIV and promote healthy relationships, financial literacy and preparation for future employment.1432044891657

This program was initially made possible with funding from the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration on Children, Youth and Families (ACYF), administered by the Ohio Department of Health, Bureau of Community Health and Patient-Centered Primary Care, School and Adolescent Health Program.

The Belmont County Health Department provides this Train-the-Trainer curriculum to juvenile justice facilities in Belmont, Harrison and Jefferson Counties. This program offers professional development enhancement at the local level for direct care staff while providing sustainability for pregnancy prevention and life skills education for youth in the foster care and juvenile justice systems.

See the results from our annual report: Region 5 Report final (003)

Who We Serve

Youth in Belmont, Harrison and Jefferson Counties who are:prep_285x260

  • aged 14 to 19
  • involved in juvenile justice and/or foster care

Program Goals

  • Prevent unplanned pregnancy and STD/HIV
  • Promote healthy relationships
  • Prepare youth for educational and career success
  • Develop skills in financial literacy and budgeting