Winter Safety Awareness Week

“Winter Safety Awareness Week” creates the opportunity for Ohioans to prepare their homes, schools, businesses and organizations for the upcoming months of potential severe winter weather and conditions associated with it such as snow and ice storms, flooding from rapid snow melts, extended power outages, and illnesses caused by colds an flu.

How Can You Prepare?

Be Prepared

  • Update disaster preparedness kits and emergency plans
    • Create emergency contact lists
  • Update flood insurance policies
  • Purchase NOAA Weather Radios
  • Invest in alternative heat sources and generators
  • Winterize vehicles
  • Ensure medical prescriptions and vaccinations are current

Ohioans are encouraged to make severe weather safety preparedness a priority and ensure that their homes, neighbors and communities are ready for winter-related incidents.

You can also review the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness website at and become more knowledgeable and prepared for weather events that impact Ohio.