Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Innocence. Wonder. Adventure.

Of the many experiences that childhood brings, cancer should not be among them. But approximately 15,700 children will learn that they have cancer this year and undergo treatments, many of which are designed for adults. Although these treatments can be life-saving, they often come with negative long-term effects for young survivors. And then there are the kids – one out of eight – who will not survive cancer this year, whose lives will be cut short by the number-one disease killer of children in the United States.

CureSearch for Children’s Cancer is taking a stand against children’s cancer. Will you stand with us?

Wes, Neuroblastoma
Meet Wes, a 4-year-old T-Ball enthusiast, brain cancer survivor, and superhero.

This September, join CureSearch as we observe Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, an international effort to bring forth safer treatments for today’s littlest cancer fighters – our superheroes – and to find cures for childhood cancer.

But not without your help.

We need your advocacy, your voices, and your support. Here’s what you can do TODAY:

Spread the Word: Let others know you’re on the side of superheroes. Add a gold ribbon to your profile picture on social media, send a pre-written tweet or Facebook post, and update your Facebook cover photo. Click here to find online resources.

Show Us Your Superhero: Whether you’re a cancer survivor, know someone who has battled the disease, or would like to celebrate a caretaker or advocate, share a photo and story on social media using the hashtag #MyCancerSuperhero and “@CureSearch”. By personalizing the fight, we help others to understand the magnitude of childhood cancer and the value of their support.

Learn About Other Superheroes: Throughout September, CureSearch will feature some of our favorite 2017 superheroes, kids whose bravery has inspired us all. Pass along these stories in addition to your own. They are why we fight.

Sign up to volunteer or participate in upcoming CureSearch events nationwide, including the Ultimate HikeSuperheroes Unite, and the Fitness Challenge. Or create your own event or campaign.

Donate: With only 4% of government funding designated for children’s cancer research, it is your support that makes a difference in accelerating cures and saving lives. Give and encourage others to do the same. Donate now.

In the spirit of innocence, wonder, adventure…and hope,
CureSearch for Children’s Cancer