Ohio Channel
Gov. Mike DeWine: “While Ohioans have done a phenomenal job following the Stay at Home order to reduce the number of people who get sick, this is undoubtedly a stressful time for many Ohioans. For some, it is worrying about when they’ll receive their next paycheck.

For others, it’s trying to balance working from home while helping children with distance learning. And for others, it’s managing their feelings of loneliness and depression because of isolation.

We understand that Ohioans are struggling.

Resuming surgeries and procedures I’ve described will take clinical judgment and we will rely on our healthcare providers to make responsible decisions as we move forward.

As we continue this phased-in approach, we are working with hospital systems, health care providers, patients, and other stakeholders to determine the next steps. Eventually, we will be reopening our doctors’ offices and dentist offices. Together, we will get back to normal.”

COVID Care Line: 1-800-720-9616