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Mission Statement:

To promote public health in Belmont County while preventing disease and protecting healthy communities.


Health promotion, prevention and intervention.

Our Values:

  1. Education
  2. Information
  3. Knowledge
  4. Care
  5. Dedication

health department

Authority of the Department

The Belmont County Health Department is a general health district that serves all of Belmont County. The health department responsibilities include:

  • Control communicable disease
  • Promote health safety
  • Control and prevent conditions which could affect health
  • Identify community health problems
  • Provide Personal and community health care services
  • Coordinate community resources to meet health needs
  • Educate and inform the public on issues regarding health and safety
  • Hazardous emergency training, planning and response

The District Advisory Council is responsible for reviewing reports of the Board of health and making recommendations for the betterment of health and sanitation an for needed legislation. The council also appoints four member to the Board of Health. The Council consists of the president of the Board of County Commissioners, the chief executive of each municipal corporation not constituting a city health district, and the president of each board of township trustees.

The Board of Health establishes policies for the Health Department. The Board may adopt such orders and regulations as are needed to protect the public’s health. The Board consists of six members, four of whom are appointed by the District Advisory Council; one each year. The term of office is five years. One is appointed by the Health District Licensing Council and one is appointed by the city of St. Clairsville.

The Health Commissioner is appointed by the Board of Health to be the chief executive officer and is responsible for carrying out all orders and regulations of the Board and the Ohio Department of Health. The Deputy Health Commissioner is appointed by the Board of Health to be the Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for carrying out all day-to-day orders and regulations of the Ohio Department of Health. The Health Commissioner and/or Deputy Health Commissioner is also responsible for the enforcement of all sanitary laws and regulations, as well as for keeping the public informed in all matters affecting public health.

Staff members are employed upon the recommendation of the Health Commissioner and/or Deputy Health Commissioner. Employees will receive orientation and necessary training for their position responsibilities. Employees are expected to conduct their responsibilities with maximum effectiveness and in an efficient manner. They are also responsible for having a thorough understanding of program responsibilities and administrative policies and procedures.