Protect against Rabies

When a person is bitten by a dog or other mammal in Belmont County, a report must be filed with the Belmont County, a report must be filed with the Belmont County Health Department within 24 hours as sated in OAC 3701-3-28. The owner/harborer of the animal involved in a bite must quarantine the animal for a period of no less than 10 days from the date when the person was bitten. At the end of the quarantine period the animal must be examined by a licensed veterinarian for any symptoms of rabies.

Rabies is a preventable viral disease of mammals most often transmitted through the bite of a rabid animal or, less commonly, when saliva from an infected animal gets into an open wound or onto a mucous membrane.

Rabies is almost always fatal once clinical symptoms appear; however, it is 100% preventable in humans through prompt and appropriate medical care.  In addition to washing any bite wound with soap and water as soon as possible, animal bite victims should consult with their doctor and promptly report the incident to the local health department.

Ohio’s local health departments investigate approximately 20,000 animal bite and exposure incidents annually.  Because of health department activities and medical treatment, human rabies is rare in the United States.  Ohio’s last human rabies case was in 1970.

Take the BITE out of Rabies Brochure

Animal Bite Report Form

Rabies vaccination clinics sponsored by the Belmont County Health Department and local veterinarians will be held on the dates listed below. Dogs and Cats must be three (3) months of age or older to be vaccinated (Delayed).

Regardless of the age of the animal at initial vaccination, a booster should be administered
1 year later, otherwise a booster should be given every three years. Because more rabies cases are reported annually involving cats than dogs, vaccination of cats is recommended.

For further information call the Belmont County Health Department at 740-695-1202 or the following Veterinarians:
Dr. Wood 740-609-5956 Dr. Stephen 740-425-2218
Dr. Digonno 740-699-0080

Rabies spreads through animal bite

Ohio Administrative Codes:

3701-3-28 Report of bite of dog or other mammal.

3701-3-29 Biting animal to be confined; Veterinarian to report.

3701-3-30 Report of suspected rabid mammal.

Ohio Revised Codes:

955.261 Duties after dog bites person.

955.39 Prohibition against violating a rabies quarantine.

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