Rabies vaccination clinics sponsored by the Belmont County Health Department and local veterinarians are now available in your area!

Click Here For Rabies Vaccination Clinics Schedule

  • Dogs and cats must be three (3) months of age or older to be vaccinatedRabies
  • Each pet vaccination will cost $10.00

Regardless of the age of the animal at initial vaccination, a booster should be administered 1 year later, otherwise a booster should be given every three years. Because more rabies cases are reported annually involving cats than dogs, vaccination of cats is recommended.

For more information call us at 740-695-1202 or contact these veterinarians:

  1. Dr. Carr (740)-633-1162
  2. Dr. Steed (740)-695-2151
  3. Dr. Stephen (740)-425-2218
  4. Dr. Digonno (740)-699-0080
  5. Dr. Wood (740)-609-5956