The Reproductive Health and Wellness Program is funded by Federal Title X of the Public Health Service Act, Maternal and Child Health Block Grant and general revenue funds. The purpose of the Program is to support women and men in planning their families for when and if they decide they are physically, emotionally, and financially prepared. An important goal of the Reproductive Health and Wellness Program is to improve the overall health and well-being of women and men by promoting healthy lifestyles and encouraging the establishment of a reproductive life plan.

Our Family Planning Servicesreproductive-health

Family planning services are broad-based, voluntary and confidential. Priority is given to persons with low-incomes and those without insurance or insurance that does not cover family planning services. Fees for services are on a sliding scale based on family size and income and no one is denied services if they cannot pay. The client does not have to live in Belmont County to receive services.

During the clinical visit, a general physical exam is provided by a licensed physician or a certified registered nurse practitioner. The physical exam includes checking the client’s heart, lungs, thyroid gland, breasts, abdomen, pelvic area and legs. A review of the client’s health history helps the staff find any risk factors that would interfere with using certain birth control methods. Laboratory testing is included, such as checking for anemia, kidney or bladder infection, diabetes, pregnancy, cancer, vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Birth control methods and supplies are available. Some medications for treatment of vaginal infections and STDs are also available if needed.

Education and counseling is also offered by the nursing and clinical staff on topics such as birth control methods, STDs, sexual abuse, coercion and violence in relationships, infertility, natural family planning, abstinence, nutrition, smoking, alcohol and drug abuse, breast self exam and many other issues. Referrals are provided as needed to social support services, substance abuse programs, domestic violence programs, WIC and other medical and social service providers.


  • Prevent unplanned pregnancies
  • Screen for diseases and other health conditions
  • Urge early prenatal care
  • Improve pregnancy outcomes
  • Improve the health of mothers and babies

Services Include

  • HIV/AIDS prevention education and testing
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment
  • Contraception
  • Female and male exams
  • Health risk screening and referrals
  • Pregnancy testing and referrals
  • Emergency contraception

Pregnancy tests are offered daily from 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm. Appointments are recommended. Appointments are also necessary for clinic dates.

Telehealth visits are now available! Call for more information. 740-695-1202 ext.113