Update to the Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code Chapter 3717-1 Ohio Administrative Code

3717-1-02.4 Management and personnel: Supervision-

(A)(2) New language added to require one employee that has supervisory and management responsibility and the authority to direct and control food preparation and service to obtain Level Two Certification in Food Protection according to rule 3701-21-25 within one year of the effective date of this rule. (Level Two Certification in Food Protection shall be obtained by March 1st 2017)

(A)(3) New language added to exempt the temporary, mobile, vending and risk level I an II food service operation (FSO) or retail food establishment (RFE) from the requirement to have an employee certified in food protection.

The objective of the Ohio Department of Health Certification in Food Protection Program (CFPP) is to educate and train food service personnel on effective food safety practices for preventing foodborne illness.


A list of Ohio approved providers of the Level Two Food Certification training programs and testing centers can be found at: www.healthspace.com/Clients/Ohio/Ohio_Website_Live.nsf/FoodCertifications.xsp