April Newsletter

The Belmont County WIC Program sponsored walk-in clinics the first Friday of each month from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 crisis.  These walk-in clinics will resume when it is safe per State guidelines.

Please remember that we are continuing to operate under our COVID-19 process.  That includes, participants being called 1-2 days prior to their actual appointment to process the appointment and notify parents and participants of what will be needed on the actual day of the appointment.  Only one adult is needed on the appointment date and time.  No children or infants are needed at this time for the visit.  WIC will notify participants when these procedures are changed in the future.  Please go to our Facebook site (Belmont County WIC Program) and “like us”  to keep current with updates, closures and changes to our program.

WIC’s nutrition education classes during the month of April are also on hold until the COVID-19 virus State guidelines approve social gatherings.  Please check this site or our Facebook page for further guidance.  If anyone has questions or is in need of any assistance with breastfeeding, please call the office at (74o) 676-2232.

The Belmont County WIC office is located at 3201 Belmont Street in Bellaire in the old Chase Bank building on the 4th floor: Room 402.

New clients need proof of income, proof of address and photo identification or a social security card. Crib cards will be accepted for infants. Also, pregnancy verification is needed if pregnant.

Clients needing recertified, need to bring photo identification, proof of income, and proof of address. A written authorization from a parent/guardian to have a child receive WIC services is needed if a parent/guardian is not with a child at the time of recertification.

WIC encourages breastfeeding and provides support and nutrition education to its clients. Working families are encouraged to apply. For more information, please call: 740-676-2232.  To send a Fax: 740-671-9873.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.

WIC supports breastfeeding.