Online food inspections!

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Belmont County residents are now able to view inspection reports from licensed food service operators and retail food establishments inspected by the Health District.

Digital inspection reports not only help Environmental Health Specialists complete their work more efficiently, they also give residents an inside look at what a public health Environmental Health Specialist sees during an inspection. It is important to understand, however, that inspection information provided here shows only the conditions of the facility at the time of the inspection. A single inspection report should not be used to evaluate a food service establishment. Looking at a facility’s inspection results over a period of time gives a more accurate picture of that facility’s commitment to food safety and sanitation.

What information will I find on an inspection report?
Both critical and non-critical violations are shown on inspection reports. The corresponding food code and recommended corrective actions are listed with each violation so residents understand what is required to correct the problem. This information will help residents better understand Ohio’s Uniform Food Safety Code and what is done locally to enforce it.

The Belmont County Health Department webpage also has the link to the food inspection reports located in the food safety link under online food inspections.

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